Tuesday, April 24, 2018
SPEEDING CONCERNS… Shepparton Police Highway Patrol, Leading Senior Constable Richard Ivory responding to the worries of local residents, who are concerned that speeding vehicles along Channel Road will lead to regrettable road accidents. Photo: Emma Hillier.

Drivers nabbed speeding after concerns raised

David Lee March 3, 2016

“It is only a matter of time before there is an accident that will be regretted”

SPEEDING has long been an issue on our roads, but there is one local resident who is fed up with the reckless behaviour of some drivers along Channel Road. After urging local police to do something about it, Bryan Mitchell of Lifestyle Communities Shepparton, is now looking to VicRoads to make changes to the speed limit in the area.

Responding to Bryan’s concerns, the Shepparton Police Highway Patrol have been out to the stretch of road between Archer Street and Doyles Road two to three times a week since December, nabbing a number of speeding drivers in the area. VicRoads have also stated that they would be looking into a possible speed limit change in the future.

The Adviser witnessed first-hand the work that the Shepparton Police Highway Patrol are doing to help stem the speeding issue on Channel Road, observing Shepparton Police Highway Patrol, Leading Senior Constable Richard Ivory nabbing a speeding driver during an interview carried out along Channel Road last week.

Bryan said, “This area of Shepparton is expanding and I just question what has been done with regard to infrastructure looking toward the future.

“Lifestyle Communities will be finished by mid next year if not earlier, with an estimated 260 vehicles coming in and out of there, and that’s not taking into account Kensington Gardens across the road.

“There are also two new and developing housing estates just down the road.

“This area has gone from being agriculture to residential fairly quickly and it simply doesn’t make sense to have a portion of the road at 60km/h, which then becomes 80km/h just after the roundabout. There has been a black spot sign erected, but the speed limit has been left at 80km/h.

“For the amount of traffic the road is taking, it needs upgrading to accommodate for that as well and I urge VicRoads and Greater Shepparton City Council to look into this.

“Sitting outside on a Friday and Saturday night, you can hear drivers tearing down the road.

“The black and white barricades outside Lifestyle Communities have been taken out by cars in the last four months. One of the cars appears to have mounted the roundabout on the wrong side as you can see the sign was hit from behind.

“I personally witnessed a black Audi that went through the roundabout, at what I would estimate was 100km/h. I watched in awe and then got the finger for my trouble.

“Channel Road between Archer Street and Doyles Road, for the most part, is now in a residential area. With the excessive speeds undertaken by many drivers it is only a matter of time before there is an accident that will be regretted.”

Shepparton Police Highway Patrol, Leading Senior Constable Richard Ivory said, “Initially we had marked police vehicles parked along Channel Road between Archer Street and the roundabout to provide a strong visual presence.

“As time went by police were more selective, concealing marked and unmarked police vehicles at the Archer Street end of Channel Road. We have not recorded specific stats for this section of road although the results were consistent with other commonly patrolled roads in the Shepparton area and most drivers caught were for minor speed offences.

“Police will continue to enforce the 60km/h speed zone and those over the speed limit will be issued with infringement notices.”

VicRoads acting regional director, Nathan Mullane said, “The Greater Shepparton City Council approached VicRoads a couple of months ago regarding a speed limit change and at the time it wasn’t supported due to the lack of direct access to Channel Road i.e. single driveways onto Channel Road.

“VicRoads will be happy to review suitable speed limits once the new developments are in place and until then drivers are reminded to drive to the conditions.”