Dust, dirt and din


For a band of intrepid speedway enthusiasts, the idea of placing a 700HP or even a 900HP motor in a lightweight steel frame and tearing around an oval at speeds of up to 230km/hour is a gift from on high.

Although not a regular spectacle at Rushworth Speedway, when it is, the enthusiasts are elated, drawn to the safety netting, to watch a dozen cars race around the short circuit.

For young Abbey Brown, a 13 year old budding photographer and student at Kyabram P12, going to the speedway and watching her dad, Ash Brown racing in his production car has that extra highlight to the event when the super fast sprint cars take to the track.

The Goulburn Valley Auto Club Speedway out of Rushworth has, when the isolation is not in place, about 12 to 13 events a year drawing in crowds of up to 3,000 spectators.

The sprint cars themself have very high power-to-weight ratios, with weights of approximately 640kg including the driver for the 410 sprint car class with power outputs of over 900HP are commonplace for these machines, which for the sake of comparison makes them more powerful than contemporary Formula 1 racing cars.