Easy exercises to do at home

DON’T MAKE EXCUSES… Exercise is very important and there are many different workouts that can be done from inside your home. Local Tatura resident, Kerry Morse, makes the most of being stuck at home by taking time to exercise. Photo: Katelyn Morse.

With the gyms closed and everyone being advised to stay home unless necessary, it can be very easy to fall into a slump on the couch and binge-watch movies all day. Although that’s fine to do every now and then, you don’t want it to become a daily routine, especially if self-isolating and social distancing is the new norm for the foreseeable future.

So it’s time to get off the couch and get your body moving.

There are plenty of easy at home workouts that you can find on the Internet or on YouTube that don’t require any gym equipment. Simple exercises such as squats, push-ups, sit-ups, planks, leg raises, burpees and lunges can really get your heart rate pumping and your body sweating.

If you want to do some weighted workouts but don’t have weights at home, make your own! Old bricks can make good weights, or even filling grocery bags with books or other heavy objects can make great weights to really take your home workout to the next level.

Skipping is another easy way to get your body moving and get your heart racing without having to leave the house. You can grab some rope (if you don’t have a skipping rope) and spend some time in the backyard; a great way to get some much-needed cardio in while you’re stuck at home.

Running is also still an option, as long as you’re adhering to the current social distancing rules. You can also bring your dog along, or even just go for a nice long walk instead.