Effective Holden ‘FX’ turns heads


ROYAL blue and glistening under the bright Australian sun, Ian McDermott’s Holden boasts the same subtle personality and spirit of its owner. Passionate but gentlemanly calm, Ian explained with great enthusiasm the recent purchase of his retirement project: this stunning 1953 Holden 48-215.

Unofficially nicknamed the Holden FX, Ian purchased this head-turner three years ago as is from a bloke down Bateman’s Bay who had been the vehicles proud owner for over 25 years. The previous owner put a lot of work and care into maintenance and service and he had only one simple request of Ian – “Don’t be a bloody hoon and treat this car with respect.”

The mid-size sedan is an iconic vehicle produced in Australia between 1948 and 1953; meaning this bold blue beauty was one of the last to leave the factory. Ian excitedly explained to us the many unique features of his cherished Holden, including its push-start engine and outrageously comfortable reupholstered interior.

Enthusiastic to be sharing his new passion with friends and the community, Ian McDermott said, “I wanted a great hobby and something I could be excited about and put my energy toward during retirement. What’s more archetypically Australian than this ripper Holden FX!

“This car is older than I am,” Ian laughed, “And probably in much better condition too!”