Tuesday, February 20, 2018


sadviser June 15, 2011

Dear Editor,

For over 25 years, Benalla people have been waiting for a suitable spacious, modern and warm building that we should be proud of, to call the Benalla Library; not only, more room for books/DVDs but for seated reading tables and room for modern multi-media equipment for Benalla’s people and surrounding areas to use.

Unfortunately, our local government representatives are happier to cater for the Benalla Saints Australian Rules Club, they greatly supported the new building for the Benalla Saints Aussie Rules Clubrooms and its second level entertainment floor, even with blow-out costs and mismanagement of funding of government grants and ratepayer money, involving an investigation to a damning report by the Auditors General Office, (although circumstances may have changed now because of government intervention).

‘Yes’ 25 years is a very long time to be waiting for a spacious modern and warm library for Benalla’s mums and dads with their toddlers at story time, and used by the elderly, students and youths as well, people from all walks of life, Benalla people deserve a modern spacious warm and well equipped library, equal to other libraries in regional Victorian towns as to their population.

Libraries today are much more then just books it’s a place with modern multi-media and a community meeting centre and for mums and their children, reading clubs are just a few things the community use Benalla library for. Councillors and MP for Benalla Bill Sykes should wake-up, to the urgent need that Benalla people have for a ‘modern’ spacious library building, now!

Maybe the Benalla Library support members ‘Friends of Benalla Library’ should tell Benalla Councillors and National MP for Benalla Mr. Sykes the new library is for the Benalla Saints Aussie Rules Club…!

Yours Sincerely
Roman Kaminski