Monday, January 22, 2018


A COMFORTABLE RIDE… Local resident, Bill McNamara was lucky enough to come away the winner of a national competition being run by Calvary Community Care, where the prize was a zippy Viper Scooter. Photos: Alicia Niglia.

Zippy win for Bill

David Lee January 10, 2018

TWELVE months ago, local resident, Bill McNamara didn’t know that his entry into the Calvary Community Care magazine competition to win a brand new $5,500 Viper Scooter would be drawn as the winner. What’s

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The Super Rocket

David Lee December 26, 2017

Revisited By David Lee LOCAL resident, Ernie Poyner purchased her in 1961 and at that time his BSA Super Rocket was worth $850, but today, the unique single carburettor motor bike is worth $18,000.

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A FESTIVE SLEIGH… Santa Claus is readying his magical sleigh for a big night of delivering toys and gifts to children across the world for Christmas. Photo: Alicia Niglia.

A magical ride

David Lee December 14, 2017

ALTHOUGH at this time of the year Santa Claus is busily getting ready for his big day, The Adviser was lucky enough to catch him during his lunch break to talk about his magical

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THAT RACING FEELING… Local racing legend, Tino Leo got back behind the wheel of his 1971 HQ GTS Monaro during his first race in the car for 17 years. Photos: Alicia Niglia.

Monaro 1; the car of a racing legend

David Lee November 16, 2017

WHILE local racing legend, Tino Leo’s 1971 HQ GTS Monaro changed hands over the years, he recently bought it back and took it for a spin at the track at Sandown over the weekend.

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THAT RACING FEELING… Local resident, Madi Healey recently placed second in the MX National titles on her 2018 KTM 85 SX Big Wheel. Photos: David Lee.

Racing is a part of life

David Lee October 18, 2017

SHE’S been riding motor cross since she was 2 years old and racing since she was 6 years old, and with her track record filled with trophies and medals already, local resident, Madi Healey

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A KING AND AN OFFICER… Local resident, John Casey came across a 1979 HZ Kingswood SL Sedan in 2015 and having learned it was once a South Australian police car, he decided to return it to its former glory. Photos: David Lee.

Retired police car back on duty

David Lee October 4, 2017

BACK in its day, the Kingswood made quite the police car and I was lucky enough to see one that had been restored to its former police duty glory, when I caught up with

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