Thursday, April 26, 2018


Local stunned to win Maloo R8

sadviser May 29, 2013

LOCAL woman Kerrie Gleeson was stunned when she received the call she was the winner of a brand new Maloo R8 Ute, after entering a competition through SKILLED.The competition, which saw over 8,500 entries,

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Community revved by successful show

sadviser April 10, 2013

LOCAL motoring enthusiasts and families were treated to a great day out last weekend as the Rotary Cub of Shepparton’s inaugural Motor Show and Market Day drew in over 4,000 people, who were welcomed

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Volkswagen love affair… a stretch!

sadviser October 17, 2012

LOCAL men, Johnny Fairley and Darren Scott have been life long friends starting their careers together and playing football side by side at the Waaia Football Club, but these days, it’s their shared love

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WEEKEND CRUISER… Shepparton resident Terri Vera with her pride and joy. Photo: Lisa Nardella.

Me and my wheels

David Lee May 16, 2012

IT was her first car when she turned 18 and for 15 years Shepparton resident Terri Vera’s ‘68 Mustang has been nothing short of a delight

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Me and my wheels

David Lee May 2, 2012

IT was his respite and a project to give him something to fight for during his battle through cancer, which is why Shepparton resident, Rob Sibilia holds sentiment toward his 1951 FX Holden Ute

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Motorcycle riders targeted in new TAC campaign

Editor May 2, 2012

THE Victorian Coalition Government’s attack on the road toll has been boosted by the launch of a new, hard-hitting TAC campaign targeting motorcycles and speed

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