Monday, December 18, 2017


KEPT IN THE FAMILY… Local resident, Nathan Carroll with his 1976 Datsun 120Y, which used to belong to his grandmother. Photos: Alicia Niglia.

Daphne the Datsun

David Lee February 8, 2017

THERE are a few good stories surrounding local resident, Nathan Carroll’s 1976 Datsun 120Y, but what makes it even more special is the fact it used to belong to his grandmother. Being one of

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AN ELITE CAR… The ‘76 XB Falcon Coup (or XBOSS as it is better known as) took eight years to build, and has recently taken out every trophy under the elite category at the Summernats in Canberra, which was made possible through paintwork and bodywork done by local business owner, Greg Maskell and his team. Photos: Alicia Niglia.

Absolute perfection

David Lee January 25, 2017

WHEN you’re looking at the ‘76 XB Falcon Coup (or the XBOSS as it is more affectionately known) that was built by owner, Chris Bitmead and worked on by local business owner, Greg Maskell,

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THE MIGHTY RUMBLE OF A CADILLAC… Local resident, Wally Caverzan and his two 1955 Cadillacs. Photos: David Lee.

The king of cars

David Lee November 30, 2016

THE Cadillac is known as the ‘King of Cars’ and when you are looking at local resident, Wally Caverzan’s two 1955 Cadillacs it’s easy to see why. The first of his Cadillacs is a

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A RARE FIND… Local resident, Andrew Colley couldn’t pass up buying this rare, 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Rally Sport 307 when he came across it in 2014. Photos: Alicia Niglia.

A real head turner

David Lee November 16, 2016

THE striking LeMans Blue colour and the grunt of a V8 engine with 200 horsepower of local resident, Andrew Colley’s 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Rally Sport 307, certainly is a head turner. The rare Camaro

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WHAT A VW… Local resident, Verity Steward with her husband’s 1972 Volkswagen Beetle. The two have a love for beetles and Verity’s husband owned one when they first met, making the little car special. Photos: David Lee.

A love for beetles

David Lee October 19, 2016

WHEN local resident, Verity Steward met her husband and they began dating, he owned a Volkswagen Beetle and the pair have had a love for the little beasts ever since. Almost six years ago,

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PRIDE AND JOY… Local resident, Len Walsh (Dodger) with his 1951 Ford Custom, otherwise known as ‘Black Beauty.’ Photos: Emma Hillier.

Dodger’s ‘Black Beauty’

David Lee September 21, 2016

LOCAL resident, Len Welsh’s (Dodger’s) 1951 Ford Custom is a real beauty, in fact it’s a ‘Black Beauty.’ From the grunting rev of the engine to its side valve V8, beautifully designed dash, American

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