Friday, April 27, 2018


PRIDE AND JOY… Local resident, Len Walsh (Dodger) with his 1951 Ford Custom, otherwise known as ‘Black Beauty.’ Photos: Emma Hillier.

Dodger’s ‘Black Beauty’

David Lee September 21, 2016

LOCAL resident, Len Welsh’s (Dodger’s) 1951 Ford Custom is a real beauty, in fact it’s a ‘Black Beauty.’ From the grunting rev of the engine to its side valve V8, beautifully designed dash, American

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A CLASSIC… Local Euroa resident, Garry MacDonald with his 1950 ES2 Norton. Photos: Emma Hillier.

There’s nothing like a Norton

David Lee September 8, 2016

LOCAL Euroa resident, Garry MacDonald’s passion for building classic motorbike race engines began at just 14 years of age, when he got his first Norton Model 18. Having just finished a 12 month build

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A GREAT SPORTS SALOON… Local resident, Denis Burr with his 1986 325E BMW Baur. Photos: Emma Hillier.

“It goes like a rocket”

David Lee August 26, 2016

IT was after a friend in Perth had made the decision to sell his 1986 325E BMW Baur that led local resident, Denis Burr to jump on the opportunity and buy it in August

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RESTORED TO FORMER GLORY… Local resident, Ray Mullins with his 1960 MGA that he purchased in 1980 and restored to its former glory. Photos: Emma Hillier.

A well-travelled MGA

David Lee August 11, 2016

WHEN local resident, Ray Mullins came across his 1960 white MGA in 1980, it was in pieces, but after five years working on the sports car in his shed, it almost looks as good

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SMALL BUT STRIKING… Local resident, John Truman with his 2000 Mini Cooper Sport SE ‘S Works,’ which was one of the last Mini Cooper models to be produced. Photos: Emma Hillier.

A real Mini enthusiast

David Lee July 27, 2016

JOHN Truman from the Goulburn Valley Motor Vehicles Drivers Club has always had a passion for Minis, and in 2011 he came across the latest addition to his collection, a 2000 Mini Cooper Sport

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A FIRST FOR SALLIE… Local resident, Sallie Murphy recently brought her very first, brand new car, a Suzuki Vitara RT-S. Photo: Emma Hillier.

Lillie 2.0

David Lee July 13, 2016

WHAT a car to be a first brand new vehicle for local resident, Sallie Murphy. The Suzuki Vitara RT-S, or as Sallie calls her, Lillie 2.0, sports a powerful yet efficient 1.6L petrol engine

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