Saturday, October 21, 2017

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A SPECTACULAR BAY… The Bay of the Dragon, Halong Bay has over 2,000 islands, many with caves inside; it’s a spectacular place to visit.

The Bay of the Dragon

Editor June 17, 2015

IT WAS early morning and there was a mist in the air, but that just added to the magic as we entered the wonderland that is Halong Bay. I first came here 17 years

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PEAK HOUR… The traffic is like no other, in peak hour masses of commuters take to the roads by the thousands.

A tour of Vietnam

Editor June 3, 2015

WE have just sailed into Phu My, the port that services Ho Chi Minh City or as the locals still call it Saigon. After a long and protracted war between north and south Vietnam,

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GOOD NATURED BIG CATS… Bengal tigers at the Sriracha Zoo in Thailand. They say the tigers are good natured but it’s not recommended to get up too close and personal.

Sailing the Pacific Rim

Editor May 20, 2015

WE now enter the ports of Thailand, Bangkok, Pattaya and Koh Samui. With a population of 67 million, Thailand is predominately Buddhist and its temples and palaces are to be marvelled at; stupas covered

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Editor May 6, 2015

MALAYSIA has become a major tourist destination, its capital Kuala Lumpur or KL as it is known locally offers a wide selection for tourists from around the world. Its landmark is the Petronas Towers,

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PRECIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL… Framed against the night sky, the Shwedagon Pagoda is covered in gold and 6,500 diamonds, rubies and other precious stones.

Sailing Asia

Editor April 22, 2015

I’M sitting on the top deck of a luxury cruise liner, a waitress has just bought me a tall glass of iced tea, sitting next to the swimming pool those crystal blue waters look

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From Switzerland to Paris

Editor April 8, 2015

WHEN the travel bug bites, you are continually looking for new and exciting places to see, and for good friends Cheryl Pell of Shepparton and Gael Van Dyck of Seymour the bug has bitten

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