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The first time

sadviser September 25, 2012

IT would be their first time overseas but where to go, not too far, no long haul flight please, so after discussion with their travel agent it was decided to go to Bali.Yes it

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Eco Tourism. A tour of Sumatra with Geoff Vallance

sadviser September 12, 2012

IT’S becoming more and more popular as people look for ways in which they can support the planet while enjoying a working holiday.Rebecca Polinelli of Mooroopna is one such person. Recently she flew to

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A holiday with a mission

sadviser August 29, 2012

LOCAL businessman Gary Baker and his son Daniel have just returned from Thailand, where they enjoyed some ‘R&R’ in Phuket and took part in building works at a mission in Wiang Pa Poa near

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A colourful experience

sadviser August 22, 2012

IT is said that travelling through India is like a ‘journey of the senses’. It’s a country unlike any other. Populated by more than a billion people with many of them facing stark extremities

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sadviser August 15, 2012

SWAYING palm trees, crystal clear water, Waikiki beach, white sands and lots more, that’s Hawaii.For Dannielle Thorne and sister Michelle, this was a dream holiday and they were looking forward to meeting the other

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Four on the road

sadviser July 18, 2012

IT was to be a complete holiday for the men as the women would take the responsibility of choosing the itinerary in conjunction with their local travel agent.So it came to pass that Sue

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