Sunday, February 18, 2018

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A TIME ENJOYED… Geoff and Prue just loved their time on the canal boat and would go back again.

A holiday to catch up with the family

Editor July 26, 2017

IT SOUNDED innocent enough but little did Geoff and Prue Dobson from Shepparton realise how things would develop during their recent visit to London. On arrival they went to see their son, Chris and

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GLACIAL GREATNESS… The Beauty of Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon Iceland.

The hot and cold of travel

Editor July 12, 2017

TWO Shepparton friends have just returned from six weeks discovering Italy, Iceland and New York. It was a holiday where you had to pack light and heavy clothing as the weather is so different

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ROMANTIC HOLIDAY… Lauren Vannoort and husband, Gareth at Kirkmans Camp in Sabi Sands, where they enjoyed their honeymoon.

Out of Africa

Editor June 14, 2017

THE call of the wild is the best way of describing a visit to Africa and its game reserves; it’s a call that leaves you wanting to come back again. That’s the feeling of

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INCREDIBLE LANDSCAPE… In Adelaide, they took a tour to Mt Lofty where the views are spectacular.

The magic of train travel

Editor May 31, 2017

IT had been on the bucket list of things to do for some years, to travel across Australia by train, so finally Elizabeth Adams of Numurkah decided to make the dream a reality. The

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Lyn McNaught’s favourite travel destinations

Editor May 24, 2017

Galapagos Island  By Lyn McNaught THERE was standing room only at the wharf. All the seats were taken by the local Sea Lions, who looked at us as if we were the intruders. A

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A STUNNING SIGHT… The stunning Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon stands 99 metres high and is covered in gold.

On the road to Mandalay

Editor May 17, 2017

IT was a chance to see old Burma as it was known, now called Myanmar, for Robyn Jones of Shepparton. This was to be a tour of discovery, fascinating places and people a real

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