Saturday, March 24, 2018

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RELAX ON DECK… Pools and spas abound with plenty of deck space to lay back in a deck chair.

Sailing to America III

Editor July 6, 2016

WE left Fiji last night and today is the first of seven days we will spend at sea, until we arrive in Hawaii. As I said earlier in these stories, this is a relocation

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HOT STUFF… A visit to a local village sees fire walkers show their stuff. They say the young men embrace the flames to gain healing powers. This man uses his tongue to lick the flames.

Sailing to America part II

Editor June 24, 2016

OUR ship calls into the Port of Vila where the thousands of tourists that the cruise ships bring each year, play a major part in the local economy. There is only one cruise ship

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SMOOTH SAILING… Our ship the Explorer of the Seas, with almost 4,000 passengers, handles any sea conditions with ease.

Sailing to America

Editor June 9, 2016

WE have just left the dock in Sydney Harbour and as we leave the bridge and iconic Opera House behind, we begin a cruise that will take 24 days to reach our final destination.

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PEAK HOUR… The traffic is like no other, in peak hour masses of commuters take to the roads by the thousands.

A tour of Vietnam

Editor May 25, 2016

WE have just sailed into Phu My, the port that services Ho Chi Minh City or as the locals still call it Saigon. There was a long and protracted war between North and South

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TAKING TO THE COUNTRY ROADS… Half the group were Aussies and the other half Americans. Everyone got on well as they took to the country roads of Italy.

Learning to fly

Editor May 12, 2016

IT’S not easy if you are scared of heights and the thought of sitting in a plane for hours on end frightens you, and this is the reason Rae Buswell of Shepparton had chosen

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15 BELOW… Lake Eyre, or officially Kati Thunda, is the lowest point in Australia some 15 metres below sea level.

Flight to adventure

Editor April 27, 2016

A FLIGHT to Lake Eyre can be quite an adventure. To see the lake with water is truly a sight to behold says local tour operator, Rob Asplin, who has been conducting flights over

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