Sunday, February 25, 2018

Final touches being put on rail precinct master plan

David Lee April 5, 2017
RAIL PLANS MOVING FORWARD… A master plan created by Spiire of the Shepparton Rail Precinct. Image: Supplied.

RAIL PLANS MOVING FORWARD… A master plan created by Spiire of the Shepparton Rail Precinct. Image: Supplied.

WITH feedback on the Shepparton Rail Precinct closing on Monday, Spiire is busy putting the final touches on a master plan for the project, that it will present to council in June.

The master plan outlines the importance of the rail precinct in being embraced into the Shepparton CBD both physically and symbolically, thereby increasing the vitality of the CBD and developing the railway station as a vibrant and welcoming destination.

To achieve this vision the Spiire, alongside VicTrack, V/Line, Greater Shepparton City Council and the Greater Shepparton community have been working together to come up with a master plan that aims to, in the coming years, improve pedestrian and cycle access to the rail station, improve the visual amenity of the rail precinct, provide amenity improvements for public transport users, contribute to the ease of navigation (way finding), activate the surrounding/encompassing public space, improve customer experience, facilitate development through the application of appropriate planning controls and promotion of the precinct for development opportunities, identify opportunities for development of vacant and underutilised railway land and to accommodate the longer term objective of relocating the main station platform.

This will be done through the introduction of green spaces, the construction of new mixed use buildings and a pedestrian overpass, an overall upgrade and expansion of the station including car parking spaces, the addition of a second platform on the western side of the precinct and the linkage with various areas across the city including Victoria Park Lake, the planned new Shepparton Art Museum, the CBD and Maude Street Mall, the education precinct, the planned Eastbank River Precinct and various other locations.

The project will be funded by council, VicTrack, V/Line and through lobbying state government.