Football club seeks to bridge the gap

PUTTING COMMUNITY FIRST… Rumbalara Football Netball Club general manager, Brad Boon and club secretary, Daniel Briggs letting the community know they are are there to offer support during the crisis. Photo: Steve Hutcheson

As we move further into lockdown from this Coronavirus pandemic as we would with any catastrophe, the Australian nature is becoming more evident, communities across the country are banding together to deal with the fallout.

Rumbalara Football and Netball Club represents more than just a footy club, it is a community largely bonded together by lifelong and familial allegiances. In this moment as family life is being disrupted, as more and more businesses are facing forced closure, people being furloughed or laid off and existing services are overwhelmed, greater reliance is placed on organisations like Rumbalara to step up and fill the void that has been run down over the years.

Brad Boon, the general manager at the club said, “As a club, we need to be able to cooperate constructively. The club has access to some resources but more importantly, it has access to people. We need to be able to look out for those people who will need help such as the elderly or those without transport.”

Club secretary, Daniel Briggs said, “We have to work out how to reach people in need and how we can support them and if we can’t then we need to be able to direct to where they can get help. People are going to need to get help with all manner of things like banking.”

“Social media is possibly the best way for people to get in touch,” said Brad Boon. Our Facebook page or our website are the best source. There are people monitoring these avenues all the time.”

While club sports are in lockdown, members of the club are now putting together short videos online, “It seeks to keep people engaged and to keep up the training while at home,” said Daniel.

If you need the club’s support, Rumbalara Football and Netball Club can be reached on facebook at @RumbalaraFNC.