Sunday, February 25, 2018

Four Focus Farms for the Murray Dairy Region

sadviser June 10, 2011

PROJECT TO LEARN FROM… Four Focus Farms in the region will build knowledge on key farming topics over the next two years. Photo: Alicia Zeqir.MURRAY Dairy along with the Geoffrey Gardiner Dairy Foundation has initiated four Focus Farms in the region. The Focus Farms are located near Toolamba, Cobram, Koondrook and Tallangatta South. This Focus Farm project has recently commenced and will run for two years.

Sponsorship for the project is coming from the Gardiner Foundation and Murray Dairy.

The Focus Farm Project will have an important emphasis on farm financial management, production, farm family lifestyle issues, irrigation and water issues within the region. Facilitators have been selected, and support groups are to be formed. Focus farmers will hold regular forums with their support group and facilitator where participants help support and advise each other in the farm’s business making decisions, and as a group, build their knowledge on these key topics.

There is also a Mentor/Mentee component with younger people currently actively involved in the dairy and farm water industries that will have the opportunity to assist the Facilitators, while gaining valuable knowledge and experience. This is seen as an investment in the future for the dairy industry and these people. Their employers have agreed to allow them the time to participate in the training.

A feature of this Focus Farm project is the range of locations providing different climate, soil type, feeding, irrigation and water, plus herd management and farm financial issues to work on and learn from.

The Focus Farms Project is an initiative of Murray Dairy and supported by Gardiner Foundation and Dairy Australia, for more information about the project contact: Tori Rath at Murray Dairy on 03 5833 5927, or mobile 0409 343 308.