FREE PARKING BOON FOR CBD… Shepparton Chamber of Commerce president, John Anderson gives the thumbs up to free parking boost in the CBD. Photo: Katelyn Morse

Following the recent decision by Greater Shepparton City Council to open the CBD to free (timed) parking from next Monday 2nd of December, business will get a welcome boost and customers a welcome reprieve from paid parking during the months of December and January.

“The decision is an important first step to helping boost business in Shepparton,” Shepparton Chamber of Commerce president, John Anderson said.

“The decision is also one of significance as retail shopping habits have changed with the growth of online shopping, and we need to keep up with an ever changing retail trading environment.”

The Shepparton Chamber of Commerce and Industry continues to work hard for its members to help bring life back into the CBD.

The Council with the Chamber are set to launch the complimentary (timed) car parking campaign. “It’s important everyone realises that it’s for Council carparks, not privately operated carparks such as the Multi-Deck in Stewart Street, CarePark near Chemist Warehouse in Vaughan and Maude Streets and GV Health’s carpark. It’s also important that shoppers don’t overstay the time limits, if they do,  they are likely to receive a fine,” Mr Anderson said.

The complimentary parking is for 15 minute, and two hour and five hour parks in the CBD.

Mr Anderson added that it was important proprietors and staff of businesses in the CBD adhered to the Council parking laws, as it’s just as important that carpark turnover continues so shoppers can have consistent access to businesses.

The two month complimentary (timed) parking period ends on Friday 31st January.

“We also encourage parking on the edge of the CBD and walking into the shops,” John said.