Free globe replacements to brighten up your home

LOCAL ELECTRICIAN CUTTING COSTS… Lukas Slater from LEEA Energy is an accredited local electrician determined to help the region save big on energy costs with replacement globes. Photo: Katelyn Morse.

AUSTRALIAN’S are being urged to save big money on their lighting bill by installing free globe replacements. At absolutely no cost to the consumer, Victorians are being urged to swap their old, dull 65/75W bulb or spiral CFL lights for a brighter 7W LED light.

Lukas Slater from LEEA Energy is a local expert and licenced A Grade electrician as part of the Victorian Government’s Victorian Energy Upgrades scheme. Lukas and his team will exchange old globes free of charge and provide you with full compliance papers upon completion.

“There are so many benefits of using LED globes,” Lukas explained, “They are more efficient and longer lasting, with a lifespan of 35,000 hours. This is better for the environment, as LEDs can last up to 20 times longer than other lighting sources.

“More importantly, they are much brighter lights and have an instant effect once turning the light switch on,” Lukas said.

To start saving dollars on your electricity bill, call LEEA Energy today on 1300 212 759 to book an appointment or visit to log your interest.