Saturday, March 24, 2018


sadviser September 7, 2011

Dear Editor,
The statements about my position on CBD parking as printed in an article titled ‘Trial conclusions’ (Adviser Wednesday, August 31st) were incorrect. Firstly, I was not referring to the ‘Free Parking’ trial when I mentioned at a Council meeting that I was surprised only seven submissions were received from the public. I was, in fact, referring to the ‘Parking in Shepparton CBD’ report. I have never stated that Shepparton did not have a problem with parking, nor do I think that. That is why I spoke in favour of improving parking and, as a result, supported the eleven recommendations listed in the CBD Parking paper which point the way to better and more effective CBD parking in the future. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to clarify my position.
Yours sincerely
Jenny Houlihan
Greater Shepparton City Council

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