Friday, April 27, 2018

From shell to shine

sadviser July 12, 2011

PROUD RESTORATION…  Pictured, local Kialla resident, Peter Vibert with his fully restored 1967 Mercedes 250 SE Coupe. Photos: Alicia Zeqir.AFTER a self confessed long-term love of restoring old cars, in particular top of the line models, Peter Vibert from Kialla Lakes is proud to introduce his 1967 Mercedes 250 SE Coupe.
Peter purchased his Coupe in 2006 from a private seller in Canberra. He said it had been left out in the open since 1980, a good 20 years. The upholstery had deteriorated, the paint faded and the wood chipped. A man in Canberra had started working on it, but it was costing too much so he decided to sell.
Peter saw the Coupe advertised in the Mercedes monthly journal and called past whilst on holidays to have a look at it.
Peter purchased the Coupe from him and he said, “It was pretty much a shell with a huge box full of parts”.
He took the journey to Canberra with his son. They each drove a car with trailer. One carried the car shell and the other, the parts. The woodwork was already refurbished, but Peter ordered the upholstery especially from California. He installed a new 280 engine instead of the original 250, converted it from auto to manual and added extras such as cruise control and central locking.
It took 3 years to restore and was finally on the road in June 2009.
Peter said he has always wanted to be able to have a top of the line model and now it’s 40 years old, he can afford it.
“It feels good driving it, it’s a beautiful old luxury car with extras such as the woodwork and leather interior and chrome.”
The Coupe is now a regular at car club events and Peter occasionally drives it on a weekend. Recently, in April of this year, Peter went on a 13 day trip with his car club ‘GV Motor Vehicles Drivers Club Inc’ to the Flinders Ranges along with 27 other cars.