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Fuel price slashed

sadviser September 14, 2011

FILL HER UP… United will this Saturday offer a 14 cent E10 fuel discount. Pictured, United Fuel Commission Agent, Vijay Edara. Photo: Alicia Zeqir.United offers locals 14 cent E10 discount this Saturday

By Nadia Surace
AMIDST rising fuel prices, United Petroleum has announced it will discount its E10 unleaded fuel, ‘PLUS ULP’ by 14 cents at select locations across the country.

This Saturday, the Australian owned independent is offering the promotional discount at its Kialla petrol station in a bid to encourage locals to switch to what it says is a better fuel.
United already offer PLUS ULP at a 4 cent discount across all its stations across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, but now wants to create awareness about the benefits of making the switch to consumers.
Increasingly Australian drivers are choosing E10 due to its lower cost, environmental benefits and performance advantages.
“E10 is a better performing petrol sold by United at a discount everyday without the need for any shopper docket,” United General Manager Supply and Ethanol, David Szymczak said.
“Suitable for cars made after 1986, the enhancement of 10% ethanol improves the fuel in three ways.
“Firstly, your car has more zip as the octane of the fuel is 95 rather than the 91 of regular unleaded petrol. 
“Secondly, it reduces hydrocarbon and particulate emissions massively improving the air we all breathe. 
“Thirdly, ethanol manufactured from sorghum is a truly renewable fuel made in Australia.”
So why aren’t all petroleum companies promoting the benefits?
“Ethanol has long been an additive to petrol aggressively resisted by the major Australian oil companies,” Mr Szymczak said.
“These companies are now withdrawing E10 from the market simply because they don’t make ethanol and its not as profitable for them.
“What we’re saying to people is it’s a better fuel for a lower cost.”
In 2005 the Australian Medical Association urged State and Federal governments to mandate the use of E10 to save lives from respiratory diseases such as asthma and lung cancer.  The New South Wales State Government is the only government to have mandated ethanol use where companies must sell at least 40 per cent of their total petrol sales as E10.
“In the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) only five of the 34 countries do not have ethanol mandates in place.  In this regard, Australia is well behind the times.  It is a better fuel, we sell it at a discount, and it does save lives in our cities,” Mr Szymczak said.
“We’re encouraging people to support independents because without independents there’ll be no competition.”
The promotional offer is available this Saturday 17 September 2011 at United Kialla – 8010 Goulburn Valley Highway, Kialla Victoria.
United also offers 30 Myer Card points for every $30 spent. A United Card special discount of 2 cents per litre will also be offered on E10 – PLUS ULP for 12 months, for new customers signing up for United Card on Saturday.
For more information and site locations where the discount will also be offered go to: