Saturday, March 24, 2018

Functional arrives on local scene

Editor September 14, 2011

PERSONAL TRAINING… From left locals Sammy Rachele and George Moutafis engage in functional training. Photo: Alicia Zeqir.By Nadia Surace
IT’S one of the latest buzzwords going around the fitness world circuit- ‘functional’ exercise, and the new training method is now set to appear on the local fitness scene.
Mooroopna’s George Moutafis, national Taekwondo champion, will next week open his own specialised functional exercise training centre, GV Functional Fitness Studio in Mill Street Mooroopna.
George will offer clients personal training using the method that uses ‘real-life’ movements instead of weight or cardiovascular training in idealised postures such as on gym machines.
“Functional fitness is a coaching method using everyday movements- satiable, lateral and spiral motions, moving away from the stationary movements that you would do on bikes or in weight training,” George says.
“It provides all-over body conditioning. You will loose weight a lot quicker, and become fitter a lot quicker than what you would using more conventional training… After a one hour session you will be absolutely exhausted.”
As it sounds, it’s not a type of training that most people are used to.
“You do things like flip tractor tyres and all kinds of different things,” George says.
“It’s a lot more engaging, not boring like jogging or riding a bike can be.”
For more information about functional fitness or personal training at GV Functional Fitness Studio phone George: 0408 369 222.