Funding boost for Victorian libraries


Libraries are about more than just books, they give us universal access to information and offer safe and inclusive spaces for people to learn and grow.

They also enrich local communities by supporting a culture that values reading, learning and social connection.

Victoria is home to 271 permanent library branches and 28 mobile library services, with more than 2.1 million library members registered in the state.

On Monday, August 5, Minister for Local Government Adem Somyurek announced $44.7 million in funding to support public libraries across Victoria to buy new books and e-resources and deliver programs including story time for children and outreach services.

Vision Australia will also receive $1.8 million to provide libraries services to people who are blind, have low vision or a print disability.

Public libraries also benefit from the Premiers’ Reading Challenge Book Fund, which provides an annual allocation for books and materials to support the Premiers’ Reading Challenge.

As part of the Living Libraries Infrastructure Program, the Labor Government are also stepping up to help our libraries, dedicating $4.5 million to help support Victorian councils to help build, redevelop or refurbish libraries.