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Game changer for region

David Lee April 27, 2017
A WINNING DESIGN… Artist impressions of the winning architectural design for the new Shepparton Art Museum, created by Denton Corker Marshall. Images: Supplied.

A WINNING DESIGN… Artist impressions of the winning architectural design for the new Shepparton Art Museum, created by Denton Corker Marshall. Images: Supplied.

Internationally renowned architects designing our new SAM

AN ARTISTIC structure which comprises of four abstract plates that will complement the surrounding parkland, will soon become a fitting feature along the shores of Victoria Park Lake in Shepparton, after Denton Corker Marshall’s concept for the new Shepparton Art Museum (SAM) was chosen as the winning architectural building design for the $34.5M project.

Denton Corker Marshall will, in the coming nine months, put together a final design concept, before releasing a tender for the project’s builder, with the two year construction set to begin early next year.

Over the construction phase, the project will create 72 jobs, and once the museum in operational, it will increase visitor spending in the region by $6.25M per annum and generate 23 jobs by the tenth year.

The architectural competition for a new SAM and building jury recommendation was endorsed at the ordinary council meeting on Tuesday, April 18 following a comprehensive design competition spanning several months.

The seven member expert jury report noted that the Denton Corker Marshall proposal was unanimously selected as the winning proposal for the Stage 2 Concept Design Competition after a robust and rigorous assessment of the five design concepts against the agreed criteria. Denton Corker Marshall will be awarded $10,000 as a prize for being selected as the winning architect.

The jury said that the Denton Corker Marshall proposal stood out because it combined a powerful and relevant conceptual idea – well-resolved and compelling in its sculptural expression and detail – with a highly adaptable, functional, safe and efficient solution, according to the report.

The jury report stated the building as a ‘beacon in the landscape’ and offers an expressive, innovative, contemporary and exciting SAM that works well with its immediate and greater environmental, social and cultural contexts. It is anticipated that the design will make an outstanding contribution to the identity and culture of Shepparton and Victoria.

The jury noted that each of the five shortlisted entries were carefully prepared and commended the entrants for their endeavour. The field of submissions was competitive and the jury considered each design carefully and at length against the design competition’s evaluation criteria. The design objectives clearly articulated specific design requirements, which the jury focused on to reach their ultimate decision, which was unanimous.

The 1,417 submissions received from the community were discussed and taken into account by the jury during their deliberations. The jury was impressed with the detailed responses provided by the Greater Shepparton community, and wishes to thank all of those who took the time to provide feedback, of which added significant value to the final report.

Greater Shepparton City Council Mayor, Cr Dinny Adem said the council was thrilled to endorse the report from the expert jury and was looking forward to seeing the concept designs expanded into construction plans.

“The new SAM is going to be something that Greater Shepparton can be proud of well into the future,” Cr Adem said.

“The new SAM will be a game changer for the region, creating tourism and employment opportunities for Greater Shepparton and beyond. It will provide a cultural centre to our regional city but it will be more than an art museum; it will be a place for learning and experiencing, socialising and celebrations. The selected design is a reflection of what makes Greater Shepparton unique and we congratulate the competition winners in being able to capture this,” Cr Adem said.

Denton Corker Marshall design director, Adrian FitzGerald said, “Our design is characterised by simplicity and clarity with compelling imagery creating a landmark cultural destination.

“By making the building small and tall we maximise parkland around the gallery and incorporate numerous places for community interaction, including a sculpture forecourt, community arbour, art hill, café and rooftop event venue along with sheltering verandahs to all four sides of the building. It will be an art museum that is a delight to work in and a pleasure to visit – again and again.”

SAM director, Rebecca Coates said, “We had five outstanding concept designs. They did have quite different approaches. Shepparton can do with a beacon, a space that draws people to it. The chosen design is a high building, a very striking building and will enable us to look beyond the river red gums, beyond the lake.

“I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with Denton Corker Marshall and to continue working with Greater Shepparton City Council and talking to the community and involve them in being increasingly excited about this building.

“The whole of Australia is looking at Shepparton and saying, this is a big step, be proud.

“I am looking forward to being able to show much more of our collection and working with artistic people.”