Ganbina to reach $15 million milestone

POSITIVELY INFLUENCING THE COMMUNITY… Newly appointed Ganbina general manager, Larissa Falla and CEO, Anthony Cavanagh, are thrilled to be continuing to actively support the region’s Indigenous children and youth. Photo: Supplied.

Since moving to its current philanthropic funding model in 2006, Ganbina is on track to this year reach a target of $15 million of direct investment into the Greater Shepparton economy through active support of the region’s Indigenous children and youth.

Ganbina CEO, Anthony Cavanagh is thrilled to be on the cusp of the milestone.
“Ganbina’s sole purpose is to empower Indigenous youth to succeed and realise their full potential through participation in education, training and employment.”

“It’s fantastic to recognise this significant financial contribution to the region but the individual successes of our children and youth is what drives us. Ganbina would like to acknowledge and thank all our supporters over the years for their faith in backing a pioneering ‘social change’ model such as our Jobs4u2 initiative.”

Mr Cavanagh says Ganbina has for many years supported Indigenous youth to gain life skills and a deep connection to culture through education and the celebration of their own successes along the journey. He believes it is those intangible takeaways and their flow on effects that will bring lasting benefits to the wider community.

With two locations, Ganbina’s operational hub in Shepparton is responsible for the delivery of programs while the Melbourne office centres on continued engagement with the organisation’s philanthropic and corporate partners.

Newly appointed offices in Melbourne’s CBD were secured in July 2018 to develop and expand this support base and provide a point of contact for Ganbina participants placed in vocational and tertiary study and corporate employment in the city.

Under new leadership, Ganbina will continue to develop existing partnerships in Shepparton with schools, universities and employers to create pathways to success for the region’s Indigenous youth.

Newly appointed general manager, Larissa Falla is keen to explore opportunities for further collaboration with community.

A Dulgubarra Yidinji woman from North Queensland, Mrs Falla has been a part of the Greater Shepparton community for over 25 years.

She has held a number of public sector positions with her most recent, a senior leadership role at GOTAFE.

Larissa brings with her a broad knowledge of vocational education, university pathways and training led employment options.

“Even though I have had a long association with Ganbina, it was not until my recent appointment that I have come to appreciate the passion and drive behind Ganbina’s operations,” Mrs Falla said.

Ganbina support is extended to all members of the Indigenous community from ages 6-25 years.

Primary school and post-secondary education scholarships, case management and mentoring, leadership development, and pre and post-employment support are just some of the practical ways Ganbina is empowering Indigenous youth to realise their full potential.

Mrs Falla continues; “As a community member and mother of three children that have accessed Ganbina’s programs, I have seen firsthand the benefits of enriching a child’s education through Ganbina’s support.”

“I can confidently say that past participants of Ganbina’s programs are now acting as Agents of Change within community to positively influence the narrative of Indigenous youth in Greater Shepparton.”

As participants continue to progress through Ganbina programs and develop the confidence to push themselves to achieve their goals, the organisation will build on its economic contribution to the region and the far more important social contribution to the community.

To learn more about Ganbina and its programs, members of the community are encouraged to visit the Ganbina office in High St, or