Get that spot checked.

SHOWING THEIR LATEST PIECE OF TECHNOLOGY… Dr Matthew Wong and Dr Wil Chong at the display terminal of their total body mapping machine. Photo: Steve Hutcheson

Australia is a sunburnt country. In being so, we also have one of the highest incident rates of skin cancers in the world.

When was the last time you went and had a skin or mole check? If you are anything like me, it may have been a long time ago and then you just had the doctor look at it.

Last week, I interviewed the doctors at GV Skin and Specialist centre and got to see their latest piece of technology in action. It is a camera with polarised filters that passes the information through a complex computer analysis that records every noticeable mole on your body.

Being of an age that probably is the most susceptible age group, I put myself to the test and was astounded at the result. It recorded hundreds of moles that I had never noticed. Fortunately they were all innocent but the experience serves as a record for comparison some time in the future.

The doctors, Wil Chong and Matthew Wong have recently branched out on their own with their new clinic. As Dr Wil said, “The first thing patients need to do is have a full manual skin check, particularly if they have a suspected mole. Total body mapping is a second phase if we think it might be needed.”

Because of the Australian sun, people do need to have a regular checkup. To book an appointment (referrals not necessary but are accepted), call 5820 0500. GV Skin and Specialist Centre is located at 20 Wyndham Street, Shepparton.