Get to know your candidates

The Nationals Candidate for Shepparton, Peter Schwarz
The Nationals Candidate for Shepparton, Peter Schwarz

WITH the election just around the corner, The Adviser caught up with the candidates and asked them a list of questions to find out why the community should elect them.


The Nationals Candidate for Shepparton, Peter Schwarz


  1. What do you think you could bring to the region if elected?

A solid work ethic, a dedication to Shepparton and a strong voice that’s part of a united team working for the regions. When the regions are strong, our state is strong and The Nationals are the only party solely dedicated to country people.


  1. What are your main points that you would focus on if elected?

I want to make sure we get the best deal for Shepparton. That means more police to lower the crime rate, better health services and better road and rail; all of those things that will help unlock Shepparton’s full potential.


  1. What do you think are the main issues facing the area right now?

Quite a few really. The cost of living is far too high, the crime rate needs urgent attention, parking is shocking in Shepparton, infrequent rail service and the ongoing water policy issues that are impacting farmers.


  1. What is your future vision for the region?

It’s simple. Give the people of Shepparton every opportunity to succeed in a safe and prosperous community. That extends to our industries continuing to grow and enough job opportunities for our children, so they don’t see the need to relocate to Melbourne to further their careers because Shepparton has everything they need.

Governments need to get the basics right, like fixing roads and rail and then get out of the way and let people live their lives by cutting red tape. I want our children to be able to go to from kindergarten to university here, then get jobs and raise their own families here.


  1. What is your point of difference compared to other candidates?

My focus is on Shepparton and the fantastic and unique towns that make up our electorate. As a National I’ll be part of a team that can get things done. I know this area and its people and I’ve also got the practical experience to make things happen.