Good golly, where’s Molly.

CHALLENGING YOUNG READERS TO FIND MOLLY.. Local author and photo historian, Geoff Allemand stands beside Molly at Monash Park. Photo: Katelyn Morse

Within the Greater Shepparton region, a notable feature is a panoply of colourful and representational cows located in parks and even on pavements in the centre of town.

It was during a routine maintenance movement of the cows by the Shire that inspired local photo historian, Geoff Allemand, wondering where they might have been moved to, to write a children’s book titled ‘Good golly, where’s Molly?’.

Geoff has a three year old granddaughter, Olivia to whom the book is dedicated.

The book takes a journey about Shepparton, giving its young readers the opportunity to recognise places and the cows that appear around the town in a search for Molly along with Olivia and her friend Abel who all can be found hiding on each page.

Glen Hall, a cartoonist from Shepparton was also a student of Geoffs when he was a teacher, produced the illustrations. Some of the backgrounds are photographs of identifiable places that have been cartooned by Geoff.

The book can be purchased online from which also lists a number of vendors who are selling the book.