Goulburn Valley Water turn to solar power

POWER FROM THE SUN… Almost 5,000 solar panels will be installed on Goulburn Valley Water facilities in Shepparton. Photo: Supplied.

Goulburn Valley Water (GVW) manages water supply and treatment plants in more than fifty towns around the Goulburn Valley. Making these facilities more efficient has a flow-on effect in maintaining costs to the consumers in these towns.

Overall, the $5.4M initiative has seen around 3000 solar panels installed so far on a number of GVW properties to date. The project comes at no extra cost to customers, as it is part of the wider infrastructure program, and is expected to result in a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of approximately 4,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent each year. The project will also reduce operating costs at the various installations.

Overall, almost 5,000 panels will be installed. More work is planned for Shepparton facilities, with works scheduled for the administration office in Fryers Street, the sewer pump station on Wanganui Road, and the water treatment plant on Welsford Street, adjacent to the Shepparton Lawn Tennis Courts.

Senior project auditor for GVW, Ray Russell said, “The Welsford Street works are expected to take place in the first week of February and may impact customers while underway although that should not be more than a few hours.”

Customers are encouraged to provide feedback on this project or GVW’s services on 1800 45 45 00.