Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Green bin contamination rises

David Lee February 18, 2016

GREEN lid bin contamination levels have risen by 6.47 percent when comparing the January 2016 rate with the January 2015 rate meaning there are some residents placing the wrong thing in their bins.
Contamination in January 2016 was 9.57 percent and in January 2015 was 3.10 percent.
Greater Shepparton City Council manager environment, Greg McKenzie said, “The result was really disappointing. Some residents are doing well and putting all the right things in the green lid bin, however some are just not thinking about what they are disposing of in the green lid bin.
“The main contaminates were plastic bags, nappies and plastic bottles. We even found someone’s clothing jacket in the green bin, which clearly doesn’t belong there.
“When the green lid bin is contaminated, this contaminates the entire truck load of waste that is then taken to landfill. Ultimately costing council $125 per tonne, which is passed onto the rate payer.
“I am sure most residents want to do the right thing, they just need to check what can go into the green lid bin, if it grows then it goes in the green lid bin.
“In January 2016 we had 63.7 tonnes of waste contamination in the green lid (organics) bin going to landfill out of 665 total tonnes of organics collected from kerbsides. Last January we picked up 515 tonnes of kerbside green waste and 16.22 tonne was sent to landfill. We have had an increase of 150 tonne of kerbside green waste, which is great, but we need to ensure the right things are going into the green lid bin.”
If you receive a sticker on your green lid bin about contamination, please take the time to check what you are putting in the bin. More information can be found at www.greatershepparton.com.au