Sunday, February 18, 2018

Green bin waste causing a stink

David Lee July 21, 2016

GREATER Shepparton City Council has been monitoring what people put in their green bins and contamination rates for June have risen to higher than previous months.

The contamination is measured every month and in June this year it was 9.18 percent, but saw an increase of some 3.5 percent above the May figure.

Greater Shepparton City Council’s Director Infrastructure, Steve Bowmaker said, “If residents place plastic shopping bags of green waste into the bins, the organic material is great but the shopping bags completely wreck what it’s wanted for at the other end.

“When the wrong item goes into these green bins, the whole load is regarded as ‘contaminated’ and has to be trucked from the composting facility to the Cosgrove Landfill.

“High contamination rates lead to increased costs to ratepayers. Contamination has a direct impact by having to pay higher levy payments to the EPA, as well as payments to the contractors having to transport and pay for the waste at the landfill.”

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