Has the lockdown affected people’s mental health?


New research launched recently in response to the impact COVID-19 restrictions is having on people reveals that recent workplace changes have had a major impact on Australia’s mental health.

Based on data collected through the Relationships Australia monthly survey, the research demonstrates the extensive mental health effects caused by changes to the nature of work, the working environment and people’s workload.

“This research reveals that people from all aspects of the Australian workforce are feeling the effects of the COVID-19 workplace restrictions and changes” said Relationships Australia National Executive Officer, Nick Tebbey.

“We are seeing that those who relied on their workplace for social stimulation are more affected by these changes.”

“Furthermore, those who had relatively good mental health prior to the pandemic are reporting greater changes to their mental health” Mr Tebbey says.

“There was an overall trend demonstrating that workplace changes had a direct impact on respondents’ mental health. However, it is worth noting that in some industries, in particular some of those most affected by workplace changes, the respondents in this survey reported lower rates of mental ill-health,” Mr Tebbey said.

If you feel impacted by these changes to your workplace, consult your employer or physician for advice on how to deal with it.