Hearing aids need not break the bank

HELPING WITH HEARING… Goulburn Valley Hearing Clinic client, Wilma White gets a hearing aid fitted by audiologist, Belinda Schmedje. Photo: Katelyn Morse.

Most seniors, particularly men, are possibly like me, reluctant to do something about the fact that our loss of hearing is driving everyone else in the house crazy.

We hear from others that it is costly and for those on a pension, the cost can seem prohibitive. We hear numbers like $1,000 and shut down any further thinking. It doesn’t have to be like that  according to practice manager at Goulburn Valley Hearing Clinic, Dierdre Robertson.

“The Australian Government subsidises the cost of hearing aids for eligible Age and DVA pensioners. At Goulburn Valley Hearing Clinic, we provide a level 2 hearing aid free* to these eligible pensioners.

“People simply need to schedule a test with one of our audiologists and they will provide you with the information you need to make a decision on whether to proceed with the free hearing aid or not.”

Basic hearing aids are level 1 technology. However, Goulburn Valley Hearing Clinic provides better level 2 technology as a matter of course.

If you have reached the point where neighbours are complaining about how loud your TV is, contact Goulburn Valley Hearing Clinic on 5821 6600 and make an appointment for a hearing test. *Conditions Apply.