Helping you into your first home


WHEN looking at entering the property game, there can be many questions that you have about the process, your entitlements and steps needed to take to ensure success, and the answers to these questions and more will be available at an upcoming NAB First Home Buyer Seminar.

Running on June 4 from 6pm at NAB Shepparton branch, 381 Wyndham Street, Shepparton, the event will cover the who’s who in the buying process.

NAB branch manager, David Gillespie said, “There will be information on getting a home, how to speak home loans, lenders mortgage insurance, first home owners grant, choosing a home loan, home loans that suit your needs, how much can I afford, get into your home sooner, repay your home loan sooner, protecting you and your home, settlement day and any other questions you have.

“I feel the customers will get the most value out of us breaking everything down in terms they will understand and remove the bank jargon so everything is simple to understand.

“We will cover all the stages of the home buying process, who is involved and most importantly how much can they afford along with how much of a deposit they need.”

Register for the event by June 4 in branch or phone 5823 8460.