High Court – Aliens


Dear Sir

As a result of this political decision by the High Court, the lid has now been placed on the coffin of reconciliation. For this decision, has in effect created three classes of people who will, as a result, be subject to different laws. Not good for unity or harmony.

In this process, the High Court appears to have overridden the Constitution, changed the Constitution and made laws which only the Federal Parliament can change or be changed by referendum.  Thus it can be said, that in this process, they have usurped the 1966 referendum result.

Likewise, they appear to have overridden international law which gives one citizenship of the country in to which one is born or alternatively if born on a ship or plane to the country under which that carriers flag stems.

The High Court has by this act, damaged the cause of reconciliation to a state well beyond repair. For any amendment to recognise the indigenous peoples in the body of our Constitution or the preamble or by a treaty will now be subject to political manipulation and thus fraught with danger due to this precedent.

This decision will not rest easily on the majority of Australians. It ought to be appealed in haste or have the Consitution amended to stop this racial manipulation of our society.

Yours sincerely

Peter Martin