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Holiday season road warning

David Lee January 6, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 12.34.45 pmTHE holiday period is notoriously busy on the roads and a busy road accompanied with fatigue or distracted driving can lead to road death. In 2015, 257 lives were lost on Victorian roads, 12 of those in the Greater Shepparton area, with 23 over the holiday period in Victoria from December 1, 2015 to January 4, 2016, two of those locally.
Shepparton Police Highway Patrol, Acting Sergeant Neil Johnson said, “When it comes to reducing the road toll, our main focus is on speed, alcohol/drug impairment and fatigue. If we can help reduce these, we can help to reduce the road toll.
“One improved statistic throughout 2015 for the Victoria Police’s Eastern Regional Division 3 though was a reduction in the serious injury accidents. In 2015 there were 56 reported compared to 2014, which saw a figure of 78.”
Operation Roadwise, which has been running since December and targeting speed, fatigue, alcohol and drugs and other driver impairments, has already seen 233 offences recorded in total in the Greater Shepparton area. Out of the 2,780 preliminary breath tests and 16 road side drug tests carried out five were processed for drink driving and one came back positive for drugs.
“Operation Roadwise is all about our visible presence on the road. Police units have been conducting random breath testing and random drug testing and enforcing the road safety message.
“We are pretty happy with the results. The figures are good and it’s important to note the lack of serious injuries, because of the operation, has been a positive result.
“The holiday period is still ongoing and we urge people not to be complacent and follow the road rules.
“If you do the wrong thing, you are going to get caught,” Acting Sergeant Johnson said.