Home design and your pets


If you’re building yourself a stunning new home you’re bound to be considering how you’ll create a happy, safe and comfortable environment for all those who dwell within.

You’ll also no doubt, want to ensure you design your new home in line with your lifestyle, and if that includes one or more indoor dwelling furry, feathered or finned friends then you will need to ensure you plan ahead.

Accommodating your pets

Pet entrances come in all shapes and sizes and can be installed in both sliding and standard doors as well as windows. Providing your pet with an easy way to enter and exit your home is important – just as important perhaps, is limiting their access when they’re sporting muddy paws or lovingly bringing you (an unwanted) token of their love, so it’s always best to choose a lockable option.

You may also want to install a pet gate in the kitchen to avoid accidents or potential disasters.

Hard wearing, durable flooring options are also a worthy consideration in high pet traffic areas. Opt for surfaces like non gloss ceramic tiles, slate and hardwood that are resistant to scratches and dents and limit carpeted spaces to non-pet areas where possible.

Another important thing to consider is your walls, often overlooked but easily damaged, walls are easiest to clean when finished in a satin or semi-gloss paint.

Try these helpful hints to maintain harmony with guests and pets:

  • Consider hiring some cleaning help to keep on top of loose fur and maintain hygiene
  • Invest in pet furniture and train your pet to enjoy their allocated space
  • Have a bit of fun and coordinate pet furniture to suit your colour scheme
  • Train your pets to respect your boundaries and stay off human furniture
  • Keep your pets well groomed
  • Diffusers or air purifiers are a must have