Tuesday, February 20, 2018
FORD COUPE… Local resident, Wayne Chappel with his 1934 three window Ford Coupe, which took him five years to build. Photo: Madeleine Caccianiga.

Homemade hot rod

David Lee August 5, 2015

IT took local resident, Wayne Chappel five years to build, but it was worth every second of it for him to now own a 1934 three window Ford Coupe, that has been slightly altered to give it a hot rod feel.
Loaded with a Ford 35T Windsor engine that boasts 600-700 horsepower to help it reach speeds of up to almost half a kilometre in 9 seconds, the Coupe has unique hand-painted pin striping on the bonnet, boot and around the rear brake lights that were painted by Euroa resident, Tubby.
Wayne said, “I’ve built a few cars in my time. I always liked this model car so I looked into building one. I bought a chassis and body in Nambiac, NSW and had the chassis rails made locally.
“I built the engine as well as the gear box and diff from imported parts from America.
“There were only 20 of these types of bodies made. The roof was altered and shortened by three inches to give it a ‘Bonnyville Speed,’ hot rod style look that makes it more aerodynamic.
“I’ve taken it to a few car events and shows and I really enjoy driving it.”