How much is the doggie in the window?

A LONG-TERM COMMITMENT, NOT A PRESENT… Golden retriever, Benji may look cute, but he isn’t a gift to be wrapped and put under the Christmas tree. Photo: Danielle Cox.

With Christmas just around the corner, Greater Shepparton City Council wants to remind residents looking at gifting an animal that they are long-term commitments, not just a cute, fluffy, disposable present.

Greater Shepparton City Council corporate services director, Chris Teitzel said, “Responsible pet owners need to know the costs associated with caring for an animal, such as animal registration, food and vet bills.

“We do encourage residents to adopt animals because they make a great addition to any family. Adoption gives animals that have been abandoned or surrendered a second chance. Animals can provide years of companionship and love but there are many aspects to consider before making such a life altering decision.”

Bringing an animal into your home is a lot of work. They may be cute and adorable on Christmas Day, but they need love, care and companionship until well after the festive celebrations are over.

If you are looking to adopt animals, visit Council shelters, RSPCA, Lost Dogs Home, local adoption agencies, or reputable and registered breeders, not backyard breeders.

Please remember that animals deserve better than to be dressed up in bows, shoved under a tree, and then tossed out with the wrapping paper.