Huge boost to local manufacturer

WORKING ON A GLOBAL SCALE IN SHEPPARTON… The team at Pental Limited are working overtime producing germ fighting products for the Chinese market, production supervisor, Dean Hunter, quality assurance officer, Noro Ozoh and team leader, Peter Wood. Photo: Steve Hutcheson

Chinese order big due to virus

While the stock markets around the world begin to see adverse effects from the coronavirus epidemic now ravaging areas of China, for one Shepparton company, the need for greater hygiene and germ killing power in that country has seen a massive boost in demand for their range of products.

Pental, as the maker of products such as White King bleach, Sunlight antibacterial dishwashing liquid, hand sanitizers and the like are supercharged with demand from China for their extensive range of antibacterial products.  

The Pental factory in Shepparton is now almost fully geared towards servicing the demand with a newly installed, million dollar filling station and production line now working almost exclusively on packaging the antibacterial products. Truck after truck laden with their products is being shipped out to China on a daily basis.  

Pental CEO, Charlie McLeish has said, “This boom in production is not only great for the company, it is great for Shepparton as well. This increased production helps stabilise the company while staff morale at the moment is great.

“While this is having a great impact on our profitability, it is also about making a positive difference in dealing with this epidemic where we can.”