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sadviser July 12, 2011

Dear Editor,
Our food security is under threat. It seems our Minister for Trade with global largess wants to open our markets up further. Can he answer the following? Why do we remove tariffs on imports yet sign agreements leaving tariffs on our exports? Every Free Trade Agreement we have signed we lose. Why do we import foods from countries which do not meet the standards and protocols required by our farmers (China, Thailand, Peru)? Why do we under-resource our gate keepers AQIS and Bio Security Australia so they cannot stop diseases entering, leaving our clean green growing environment exposed, and our farmers potentially required to use pesticides we do not use? Why do we import foods from countries that subsidize their farmers and use their internal laws to impede imports (USA)? Why does the ACCC not supervise our labelling laws as increasing foreign companies make false claims? Why is Country of Origin still not mandatory on our labels to allow the consumer to decide if they want to buy it even if it made here? Why do foods sold here which travel half way round the world, sell at the same price as our farm products here and in the same growing season, while we tell our farmers to destroy their orchards (oranges from USA and Egypt)? Why have we allowed foreign domination of the supply chain of our key food sectors leaving our farmers as price takers not price makers and our profits from exports going to foreign companies before tax (dairy 75% foreign, wheat selling desk Agrium formerly AWB, USA private company Cargill, beef abattoirs, USA – Cargill and Brazil)? Why are we allowing foreign countries and companies buy our best land to produce food for themselves? When it is a level playing field we are happy to talk. But not when our producers have their hands tied behind their backs.  Given we have some of the most skilled and productive farmers in the world we could be feeding the world by helping Australia. Follow the money trail and we are missing out on the export dollars and our skills at risk. The Minister needs to talk to our farmers and give Priority to Australia.
Yours sincerely,
Lynne Wilkinson
CEO, Ausbuy

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