Saturday, March 24, 2018

Inattention trauma’s biggest cause

sadviser July 20, 2011

WAKE UP… Shepparton Highway Patrol is appealing to drivers to pay attention and drive safely each time they get behind the wheel. Pictured, Shepparton Highway Patrol Senior Sergeant, Des Wright. Photo: Alicia Zeqir.Police issue reminder to region’s drivers

By Nadia Surace
IT’S not drink driving, drug driving or hooning. Inattention is the biggest cause of trauma on local roads says Shepparton Highway Patrol Senior Sergeant, Des Wright, now appealing for the region’s drivers to ‘wake-up to themselves’.
“We are just so sick of seeing it,” he says.
“Accidents after accidents happen because people have a slack attitude toward driving. People are extremely complacent.”
Sgt Wright is now urging locals to remember just how dangerous it is to drive a car each time they get behind the wheel.
“The causes of road trauma are simple things that every driver should take greater care to avoid. Things like speeding, failing to give way, failing to look both ways, failing to drive according to the conditions and the biggest thing of all, failing to pull-over and take a walk or have a nap if they’re fatigued.”
Sgt Wright said most drivers do not know how to identify fatigue in themselves and warned drivers to constantly assess if they are fit to drive.
“If you get to a point when you are asking yourself ‘Am I fatigued?’ then you are fatigued.
“You are less conscious that you are fatigued when you are fatigued because your brain is beginning to shut down.
“When this happens you are not fit to drive despite how urgent you think it is for you to get to your destination. Lives are at stake.”
Sgt Wright also said most trauma is caused by 25 to 45-year-olds.
“Be attentive to the road, not preoccupied with whatever else is going on in your busy life.
“Hop in your car, put your seatbelt on and think to yourself my life and the lives of everyone else on the road are in my hands. Be bothered to drive safe.”