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sadviser October 20, 2011

Dear Editor,
I am writing to encourage local CFA volunteers to comment on the State Government’s new Green Paper, ‘Towards a More Resilient and Safer Victoria’.
The Green Paper raises for discussion significant changes in the way Victoria’s emergency agencies are organised, so it is extremely important that emergency service volunteers have their say on what is proposed and how best our services can be supported and co-ordinated to benefit all Victorians.
The Green Paper proposes formalising an ‘All Hazards/All Agencies’ approach, recognising that CFA Brigades also respond to floods, rescues, road accidents, industrial incidents and more.
It also discusses; a state-wide body to oversee all emergency services, new ways to encourage volunteerism, expanding the Fire Services Commissioner’s role to include other large scale emergencies, co-locating different emergency organisations, joint training standards and a potential top-level amalgamation of emergency services.
Representing CFA volunteers, Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria (VFBV) has placed the Green Paper and a simple point-and-click questionnaire on our website, with responses going to the team preparing our submission and discussing the Green Paper with CFA.
Victoria’s emergency capabilities would not function without volunteers on the front line and in senior incident management roles, so we must have our say. The Green Paper suggests changes at the top level, but we can also talk about what works best at the community level. It is Victoria’s emergency services volunteers who will have to make any new arrangements work, so it is vital that we make our voices heard.
Yours sincerely,
John Dunn
President VFBV District 22
Representing CFA volunteers
Violet Town

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