Saturday, April 21, 2018
A GREAT SPORTS SALOON… Local resident, Denis Burr with his 1986 325E BMW Baur. Photos: Emma Hillier.

“It goes like a rocket”

David Lee August 26, 2016

IT was after a friend in Perth had made the decision to sell his 1986 325E BMW Baur that led local resident, Denis Burr to jump on the opportunity and buy it in August last year.

The 325E BMW Baur has a lift-off fibreglass hard top roof that can transform the car into a convertible and is fitted with a stroked 2.7 litre version of a M20 engine that was built with economy in mind.

Denis said, “I had been over to Perth and driven it before so when my friend offered it to me, I said yes, I’d have it. I previously had a little old Renault 1750, which was a tiny car that was hard to get in and out of.

“There were only 430 of the 325E model of the BMW Baur made in the world. This one is in beautiful condition. It has never been restored, and hasn’t needed to. It’s done 260,000km and is very easy to drive. It has all the comforts of home and is a great sports saloon.

“It goes like a rocket.”