It tastes better when you make it yourself

CRAFT YOUR OWN BEER… Phillips Cellars owner, Paul Phillips enjoys an ice-cold glass of freshly poured home brew. Photo: Katelyn Morse.

WITH the rise in popularity of home brewing, beer and cider fans have started saving money by crafting their own creative concoctions at home.

At Phillips Cellars, they have everything you need to get started. The basic home brew kit starts at $145 and comes with all the equipment and ingredients needed to make approximately 60 stubbies each batch. After the initial cost of equipment, each beer costs about 30 cents per stubbie.

And with a range of over 45 different styles, you’ll never get bored of testing and trying the different types of brew available, including stout, draught, lager, wheat beers, IPA, ginger beer, cider and much more.

Phillips Cellars owner, Paul Phillips said, “We even have recipes to replicate any commercial style of beer, so come in and chat to us about your options today.”

Check out the full range of home brew equipment and ingredients at Phillips Cellars, 119 Corio Street, Shepparton or give the store a call on 5821 2051.