Keep making every drop count in cooler weather

BEING WATER WISE… From left, GV Water customer accounts and services officers, Kylee Alford, Lingy Harhangi, Melva Themilis and customer accounts and services team leader, Rosie Campbell are encouraging people to be more water efficient. Photo: Supplied.

With cooler temperatures signalling the arrival of autumn, Goulburn Valley Water is reminding people to continue saving water into the winter and spring seasons.

While outdoor use is predicted to decrease with cooler weather, residents are still urged to look at how to make every drop count indoors.

People can take a 4-minute shower to save about 80 litres per house per day, only use the dishwasher or washing machine when full and on eco-mode, and scrape dishes clean rather than pre-rinsing.

Catch running water while waiting for it to warm up and use it on the garden, and peel vegetables with a bowl of water, rather than under a running tap.

People should consider reducing the duration and frequency of garden/lawn watering with cooler weather and potential increased rainfall in winter/spring,

You can find more information on regional Victoria’s Target Your Water Use program, including tips on saving water, as well as a water calculator to see how much water your household is using at