Keep Murchison alive


The Editor

The closure of DP Jones nursing home, Murchison Neighbourhood House, Medical centre and Pharmacy will have a devastating  impact on so many people living in Murchison.

Not only the patient will be affected at the home, but also the staff and at Least 30 volunteers, including 6 at Centrelink, who help out in various duties each week at the MNH.

The MNH houses an OP Shop, two hairdressers, craft and quilting workshops, garden club, book club, library, internet café, computer room and the Murch 3610 magazine all run by volunteers.

Two days a week, lunches are cooked by volunteers for at least 25 pensioners from Wyabena and around the town. This also gives an opportunity for 4 to 6 primary school students to help serve and interact with the elderly community.

THE MNH also houses a small Men’s Shed which may  be in jeopardy should MNH close. This will directly affect the health and wellbeing of many men who rely on the shed to communicate weekly with other men.

The MNH also has a community bus service, run by volunteers, taking residents without transport to Shepparton and other towns for shopping trips, medical and other outings. This will also be lost if MNH is closed

The MNH also houses the Medical Clinic and pharmacy, which work closely with the nursing home, and if closed  will affect many elderly people, me included, who don’t have transport and now wouldn’t have a bus service run by MNH volunteers to nearby towns for medication. (nearest over 25km)

Hoping you can use your influence to KEEP MURCHISON ALIVE .

Yours Sincerely
Con Scarvelis