Keeping the kids amused during isolation

KEEPING BUSY… Keep the kids entertained during isolation with some fun activities. Photo: Supplied.

By Annabel Adams

If you’re struggling to keep the kids entertained or motivated during isolation, here are some fun activities to try while you’re stuck at home.

Home schedule

With the kids, create a home schedule. You could create a clock with each hour a different activity, and every time the kids complete a task they get to move the clock hands to the next activity. It’s ideal to create this together so your child is responsible for keeping to their daily routine as well as use their time efficiently. Examples of activities to set could be arts and crafts, school work, snack and play times.

Outdoor play

You can create outdoor play cards for your children. These cards can consist of: skipping for two minutes, do 10 star jumps, play catch with siblings or parent, and the list goes on! This is a great way for the kids to stay active and give them brain breaks during the day.

DIY Anzac Day Poppies

Anzac Day is this Saturday and it is important to highlight this day with the kids. To create an Anzac Day poppy, all you need is a paddle pop stick, glue, red material (paper, felt, etc) and textas or paint.

  1. For the stem, colour the paddle pop stick in with green texta or paint.
  2. With your red material, either cut out the petals, scrunch up tissue paper or just cut a simple circle.
  3. In the centre of the flower, draw and colour in a black circle.
  4. Stick the flower to the stem and you’re Continue on for a bouquet of poppies.