Keeping the region rugged up

FASHION FORWARD FOR A GREAT CAUSE… #3 Bags Full group members, Cate Thomas and Maree Chin have been hard at work preparing blankets, beanies and scarves to help keep the region’s homeless population warm. Photo: Katelyn Morse.

Driving by Monash Park these last couple of weeks you may have noticed Greater Shepparton’s iconic Moooving Art Cows are all dressed up in winter warming items like blankets, scarves and beanies.

These items have been donated by Shepparton-based knitting and sewing group, #3 Bags Full. The group, which consists of three local women, are hoping their contribution will assist those living with homelessness in Shepparton and afford warmth to anyone living rough during these cold winter months.

Wangaratta Woollen Mills have assisted with the creation of the items, donating 108kg of tangled and random leftover wool to the group.

#3 Bags Full group member, Cate Thomas says the initiative also hopes to raise awareness for homelessness and she is encouraging those who can afford to donate to consider giving funds to Backpack Bed for Homeless.

“So far we have received donations from people all across the region, which is amazing,” Kate explained, “If we can do our little bit to help those who are struggling keep just a small part of their body warm, then we have done our job.”

#3 Bags Full have already donated over 60 beanies, 25 scarves and 8 blankets. To donate money, visit – or to get involved with making beanies, contact #3 Bags Full via their Facebook page @3bagsfullshepp.