Sunday, February 18, 2018

Larkin takes Lightfoot Medal

David Lee April 8, 2015

WITH the end of the cricket season having left a hole open that only the upcoming football season can fill, Cricket Shepparton recently announced this year’s Lightfood Medal recipient, Tyler Larkin of Central Park St Brendan’s team.
Announced on Monday, March 23, Tyler joins just two others from the club to have been awarded the medal in the last 12 years.


YEAR                                         NAME AND CLUB              

2003 Chris Keady (Karramomus)
2004 Chris Keady (Karramomus)
2005 Chris Earl (Old Students)
Kane Hoskin (S&YCU)
2006 Matt Crawley (Old Students)
2007 Chris Keady (Karramomus)
2008 Sam Ahmet (CP-St B)
2009 Brent Mathers (Old Students)
2010 Andrew Riordan (Katandra)
Chris Keady (Karramomus)
Mick Lewis (Kialla Knights)
2011 Rohan Larkin (CP-St B)
2012 Chris Keady (Karramomus)
2013 Mark Brown (Numurkah)
2014 Nick Breslin (Old Students)
2015 Tyler Larkin (CP-St B)